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Review: Block Island Organics Sunscreen

I received an email from the co-founder of a startup company, Block Island Organics, about their products and agreed to review their sunscreen. I have a pretty high sweat rate, which has led to plenty of painful (in the eyes) or terrible tasting (in the mouth) situations when I have run with sunscreen. At the same time, we all really need to protect our skin every time we head out for a run in the sun.

Meet the 2014 Team Wicked Bonkproof Boston Marathoners

I'm really excited to be running this year's Boston Marathon with an amazing crew of runners. Each one of these people has put in a ton of work, and is set up for a great day on April 21st. We're all running for different reasons, with different goals, but we all are running partly to show that the Boston Marathon is, and will always will be, a celebratory day for the city of Boston and the running community.

Patience is Probably the Best Quality in a Runner

I spend a lot of time playing the numbers game and weighing probabilities of various outcomes as a running coach. Things come up for everyone, whether those things are the beginnings of an injury or just a scheduling conflict. A significant proportion of my job is taking a step back and making an intelligent decision about what approach gives my runner(s) the highest probability of success and, implicitly, the lowest probability of making the situation worse. Call me "Risk Manager in Chief" for Team Wicked Bonkproof.

That Time When I Fainted and Freaked Everyone Out, Including Me

I don't generally use this blog as a place to post my own running updates, but feel that this particular post will be valuable for everyone to read. If you're keeping tabs on me, you probably noticed that I posted a good late-afternoon run on Friday, and then posted nothing else for the entire weekend. Not normal behavior for someone in the marathon-specific phase of training for the Boston marathon in 5 weeks. As it turns out, I let work and parenting and running conspire to stretch me way too thin, and ended up having a fainting spell while over at our friends' house for dinner.

Daily Coaching Tip: How Can I Bounce Back From a Bad Race?

Most of us run so that we can race. Some more than others, but for the most part, there are races with goals on our radars. Some races are a success, where we meet the goal(s) we set out to achieve. Others are a huge success, where we surprise ourselves with an even better result than we thought was possible. And, still others are not a success, for one reason or another, where we fall short of the goals that we had for the race. It's this last category of races that tends to stick with us the longest. A lot of the time, dwelling on a "bad" race is more destructive than constructive.

Daily Coaching Tip: How Should I Adjust for a Warm Race

I've been discussing all the final details of the race plan with a runner in Los Angeles who will be running the LA Marathon this weekend. As it turns out, it's going to be warm this weekend for the race, with an expected high on race day of around 80 degrees. Many major marathons in recent years have been characterized by warmer-than-expected temperatures (though 80 isn't out of the ordinary for Southern California). Let's say your marathon or half marathon is coming up, and the forecast is for more heat than you hoped for. What should you do?


Daily Coaching Tip: How Can I Stop Freaking Out About Marathon Pace?

Racing a marathon is a pretty strange thing, if you stop and think about it. Take a pace that you can hardly run for a few miles some days, then string together 26.2 miles at that pace among all the other variables that need to fall in your favor. It leads to a lot of mental games during training. I've experienced all of these as a runner, and I see them surface regularly as a coach. The question is, how can you become confident that you are running the right pace in your workouts so that you don't put yourself in a position to crash on race day?


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