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VIDEO Review: Skechers GOrun 4 and GOMeb Speed 3

I've been working with the development/testing team at Skechers Performance for some time now, and two of the shoes that they asked me to test and help improve recently are the GOrun 4 and GOMeb Speed 3. Well, they're finally available to the public at the NYC Marathon this weekend, so I thought I would provide a quick review of the updates and features. This is rough, unedited, and stream of consciousness. If you have any questions about the shoes, leave a comment!


Review: Block Island Organics Sunscreen

I received an email from the co-founder of a startup company, Block Island Organics, about their products and agreed to review their sunscreen. I have a pretty high sweat rate, which has led to plenty of painful (in the eyes) or terrible tasting (in the mouth) situations when I have run with sunscreen. At the same time, we all really need to protect our skin every time we head out for a run in the sun.

Meet the 2014 Team Wicked Bonkproof Boston Marathoners

I'm really excited to be running this year's Boston Marathon with an amazing crew of runners. Each one of these people has put in a ton of work, and is set up for a great day on April 21st. We're all running for different reasons, with different goals, but we all are running partly to show that the Boston Marathon is, and will always will be, a celebratory day for the city of Boston and the running community.


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