Team Testimonials

Pete L. Concord, NH

I started working with Caleb this summer with a goal of running a half-marathon PR in the Fall. Caleb put together a solid plan and mixed up workouts each week to keep my training from getting stale and repetitive. I put in probably the two hardest months of training in my life, and wound up setting 2 minute PR at the Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon (1:27:36)! Caleb has a solid grasp of endurance training principles and is a great guy - I highly recommend him as a coach!

Krista L. Madison, WI

It's amazing what I've learned about myself and my running in two years, and what Caleb has learned about me and my running, too. His coaching took me through my biggest running year -- 2011. At the end of that year I finished my first 50-mile race. One year later, I just ran a marathon PR. I think that's a testament not only to his coaching, but to the relationships he forms with his athletes. Running doesn't come easy to me. I struggle, I let my mind get in the way, I fight back. But Caleb knows that about me and works with me on it.

Thomas N. Baltimore, MD

If you don't read anything below, here are the results of working with Caleb:

  1. Started with a PR of 3:58 Marathon with Caleb's coaching a new PR of 3:20 Marathon
  2. Almost zero running injuries in 2 years (little things here and there usually remedied by an extra day to week off)

Caleb knows running. If you want to train for your first running event or you want to find a way to break through running barriers contact Caleb and get after it.